Thursday, August 28, 2008

The latest

Well, the last time I "blogged", I said that we bought a house. Well, it looks like I jumped the gun a bit. The house we were looking at turned out to not be exactly what we wanted. The bank made a counter offer that just wasn't to our liking, and on top of that, someone decided to live in the house from the time we saw it for the first time, and when we went back to look at it. They did a little damage and the bank wouldn't fix it. So, all that being said, we withdrew our offer.

So, we have made a new offer on a new house. It's a better house, about the same size, a little more to offer, and a little lower in price. So, we're waiting for a response for that one.

Things with the fam are still great, Ben is beginning to speak to us in a not so clear language, but he is definitely certain of what he is saying. It's very cute, and loud. He has said momma, and dadadada. That's pretty exciting.