Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, apparently there are those who blog, and those who don't. I have been informed that I am the latter of the two. With that motivation I now enter into the loving world of "those who blog".

Alright, Benjamin is growing up pretty fast! He's just about 8 months old, and is still very happy, very smiley, is starting to really talk. Mostly he says "blah, blah, blah, blah" Not kidding, those are his actual words. I think he is mocking Jess and I and thinks we have nothing real to say.
It's pretty funny!

Other news...
yup, we bought a house. It's not big (1100 sq. feet), it's not wonderful (banked owned and needs a little work), but it's livable, and more importantly, it will be ours. We're getting all of the paperwork done over the next several weeks (so excited about the paperwork), and our goal is the 27th to move in! We have already started making plans for upgrades, and for paint, but we'll have to see how far the little money we have will go. It's pretty exciting though, and we are definitely buying at the right time. It's hard to get any lower than $124,900 for a 3 bed 2 bath house in California.

So, Ben's still growing up, and we're buying a house. That's all my news for now.

till next time...

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Jen said...

You suck. We can't buy a 3 bed 2 ba home for much less than 200,000. And that ain't no joke.

You don't really suck. that is very, very exciting news!

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