Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life as a parent

So, it's been 10 months with a child, sometimes it's overwhelming. Most of the time it's wonderful. All of the time it's busy.

The biggest news of our family's life is our recent weight loss. Jess and I are on the unofficial Weight Watchers plan. It's unofficial because we don't go to any of the meetings, we just keep each other accountable. So far, both of us have lost 15lbs each! It's working out.

We recently got some family pictures taken, and they turned out very nice. Ben has a nice mark on his forehead from bonking into a chair. He wasn't very happy about it, but quickly turned into the ham he is for the pictures.

Here is the entire immediate family. My brother Steve and sister in Law Amy, my niece and nephew Macie and Mark, Mom and Dad, then us on the right. That picture is taken in my parents backyard, pretty nice looking huh! It's fun to go over there and just sit on their dock, look at the ducks and watch my dad not catch fish. Good times.

Over all I would say my son is great! Jess and I are having a great time loving him and it seems he is having a great time with it too!

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Jen said...

Good pics. Nice yard!