Saturday, January 26, 2008

His first phone conversation

So, I haven't seen my wife or son in about 2 days and 8 hours (approximately). So, I have been spending my time working and watching T.V. the way I want to. It has some perks, but I just want them to be here.

Anyway, I called Jess (who is visiting family in Washington by the way), and I could hear Ben in the background crying and really missing me. I told Jess to put the phone by his ear and I would have a word with him. So when he had the phone to his ear, I gently but firmly spoke to him about the times he should cry and the times he shouldn't cry. Well, I am pretty sure that it didn't matter what I said, however, he got real quiet when I started talking. Jess said that he looked around for a second because he could hear my voice but couldn't see me. Then he started crying again. It was pretty neat.

So, that was Ben's first phone conversation.

talk to you all later.

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Jen said...

Thanks for posting again!