Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're happy, but tired.

Sometimes it's nice to have him be a little noisy at night. It's nice to know that he's alive. I get a little paranoid thinking that he stopped breathing just because I haven't heard anything in a while. But, then my thought of enjoying his noises at night has a fine line. Once he makes enough noises that it keeps me awake for half of the night, then it isn't as cute, and I think I get too much reassurance that he is still breathing. Typically he is pretty good about sleeping, right now getting about 3-4.5 hours of sleep during the night, but last night he had some stomach issues and couldn't really get settled. So, as you probably know, it was really fun!

Anyway, he's still amazing. At the end of the day we have an adorable, amazing baby boy. He is holding his head up already. I have no idea at what age they are supposed to be doing stuff, but I feel at two weeks if he is holding his head up and looking at my face, that's pretty amazing!

So, there are other things going on in our lives, for instance, we are still broke, living on love isn't as fun as it sounded in the beginning. I am currently working two jobs, one as a fitness trainer (don't worry about the two chins in the picture above) and one for the church Jess and I go to. I enjoy both equally, and hope to continue both for a while.

That's all for now. I hope you are all doing well.
Chris Jess and Ben


Aimee Jo said...

I'm happy that I found your blog! Your son is adorable --congratulations!! Isn't it so fun being parents?
Blessings on you as you get through these first few weeks. Rest assured that it does get easier and you will be getting more sleep very soon.

KK said...

I'm envious of JEss! Her baby is out! Now if I could just get our little bundle of joy to come out and met the world too!

Congrats on Ben, and Jess, and everyother life thing that has happened since we last saw each other!

Lovies, Kara Deal (Sellers)

Lisa said...

Chris, Ben is just too cute! I am so happy for you guys. i didn't realize its been THAT long since we were in contact...

good luck to you and congrats!

Eric & Tara said...

Hey! Just thought I would say congrats on that little cutie pie!!

Jen said...

I just wish you'd get your little cheeks up here and be broke. What better way to be broke than to move across three states when you're broke! There's really not a good enough reason to stay down there. Grandparents are overrated. We can be cut off from the rest of our peeps together, right? I've had three kids. I can help out. Surely you can find two jobs up here. Ooo! Or what if you only needed one? And isn't this the best time to drive long distances? When they sleep a lot? I'm convincing you, aren't I? We are not going to name any more children after you unless you move by us again! And I am serious! And, duh, Jessica's family is up here! Didn't you think of that? Just think, it's a new year, new surroundings, new job, new church, new life? Fun? I know. It is!

Ben said...

Has he crapped out his diaper yet? That was always my favorite part. Especially if they were in their car seat and you were unaware of the explosion until you put your hands behind their little backs to pick them up and...surprise...why are my hands slimy?

Parenting is fun, isn't it?

p.s. At least you only have one penis to worry about.

Maridy Carpenter said...

Wow, You're a daddy! So glad I ran across your blog. Congratulations, he's adorable. And yes, the sleeping thing does get easier. Mine's two years old now, and happily sleeping 10 hours a night. Yay! Just be glad at this stage that you are not a mom with the only source of food. Have fun and may God continue to bless you.

Gina said...

Hey Chris, stumbled across your blog via Lisa's or maybe it was Jan's or some other former Vancouver-type person.

You little boy is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm sure he's changed a lot in the many weeks since your last post. (That's my way of saying that his adoring public would like more pictures.) Congratulations on your precious boy!

Gina (used-to-be-Frost)

P.S. I have a Ben, too, but ours is Bennett and we don't shorten it to Ben yet.