Thursday, December 6, 2007

my first blob...i mean blog

Hi there friends.
Well, it's December 6th, and my new baby boy is 3 days old. He's grown up so much in the 3 days we've known him. It's an interesting thing having a baby. Everybody says it, but it's really true, having a baby changes your life! So far, all he does is cry, sleep, eat, pee and poop. However, he has smiled a couple of times, so that's nice. Sometimes I feel a little helpless as a dad at this stage of things. I can't really feed him, I barely know how to change his diaper, and my facial hair bothers him just a bit.

All in all, he is wonderful. Jess and I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy, the birth was a little long, but in the end we had a good experience. We feel very blessed to have a beautiful boy who doesn't seem to get bothered by much. He's pretty laid back (when he gets what he wants)!

So, for those who don't know, my wife Jessica and I were married in May of 2005, and have loved every minute of it. We are living in Elk Grove, California (it's near Sacramento). I work as a fitness trainer, and I work part time for our church. It's a pretty good gig. Jess works for a company called Cardinal health, and is a operations coordinator. Although she calls herself the assistant regional manager. She's kind of a big deal. We love our life, and we consider ourselves blessed continually.

More to follow...


Jen said...

Cool. Congratulations on a baby and a blob, I mean, blog. I shall add you to my list! I can't wait to meet Benji.

kels said...

he looks absolutely perfect! he is beautiful. he also has the same birthday as my dad. I miss seeing you chris, I think the last time may have been Tuba city many years ago! cant wait to see more pictures:) God bless!